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12/03/09 10:55 AM
No More Rituals/Routines?

So Jaylen's new teachers finally saw the real him yesterday! It all started when his teacher brought the coats to the kids, rather then have them go get them, uh-oh. After that, everything went wrong. He was throwing tantrum after tantrum.

Her and I talked and she said he needs to be able to adjust. He needs to have the ability to accept change and be more spur of the moment, so not Jaylen. But maybe I allow too much of that. My husband thinks so. And my sister is always saying if she does one thing not according to his "plan" it is all over. So we'll try it.

Since school yesterday I have been less routine. There are the littlest rituals we do I hardly even notice. Like me starting to unwrap his juice box straw, then giving it back for him to finish, we have to do it that way. Or him always turning off lights, the TV, shutting the door, etc. We have to count 5 blankets at night as I tuck him in. We have to look at the clock before starting any new activity, and I mean ANY activity, a meal, bed, get dressed, watch a show, etc.

Needless to say, it has been rough. Many tantrums and tears. So I told the teacher and she said give it a week. I asked which was worse, him having so many OCD things or him being upset all the time. Not that I mind him being upset, but I just want what's best for him, obviously. She said we check back in a week and see how he is progressing and we'll go from there...

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