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03/19/07 06:21 PM
Lets Change the World!!!

Hi. I am new. I am currently fighting a local school district. I am fighting because my kids are 'flight risks' and the school/district is refusing to even put up a fence for the school property even though a registered offender lives less than a mile down the road, there are deep woods surrounding the school that people use for hunting, a drainage tunnel is there with the opening large and exposed. A deteriorating shack is on the property, and the road grtting there is ridiculously dangerous with no police presence.
My kids are being pushed into that school why? Becasue when I have been writing letters and sending them some school administrators claimed not to get them. I turned around and sent the certified mail and made notes of who was dishonest(superintendent anyone??) The reasons they will do nothing about at LEASt putting up a fence is "Cosmetics" and "money". well, compare that to the importance of a kid's life and the lkiabiliy the district and school will face and I think it is safe to say it will cost a LOT less to go ahead and put the safety measures in place. The wonderful superintendent said "many parents of normal students dont want their kids' school to resemble a prison". Then she even suggested I put in the IEP to keep my children INDOORS all day.
I think it is past time for all of us to get together in each state and write to our local districts, local senators, reps, governors, and even President Bush.
If we all do this en masse we CAN make changes. There are too many kids, namely kids who are autistic getting left behind and unprotected. Let's do this!!!!
Write me a private email if interested:

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03/20/07 04:57 PM
Re: Lets Change the World!!!

please check out my new book at and read my sons story.
Thank Judy

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03/24/07 05:36 PM
Re: Lets Change the World!!!

Oh hey no. That school sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Contact the media, then a lawyer....they should never have tried to have your kids IEP say to keep them inside. Just goes to show how far so many places still have to go.

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