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04/04/07 07:25 PM
IVIG--any thoughts?

in doing strong reserach on the internet and watching some of the past DAN conference videos, we found out about the IVIG treatment and at this time are considering it. Has anyone done this? any feedback or thoughts?

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04/04/07 11:13 PM
Re: IVIG--any thoughts?

Do a Google search on Dr. Vijendra Singh ( he has his own Wikipedia page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vijendra_K._Singh ).

He is out of Utah and is a pioneer in IVIG treatment for Autism. His hypothesis is that many cases of autism are triggered by an autoimmune disorder.....he has an interesting theory because it states that the MMR vaccine causes the body's immune system to go haywire in some children, leading to autism-like symptoms.

IVIG infusions are a way of course-correcting this immune system malfunction. While some children have not responded to treatment, there is clinicaly significant information from Singh that some children with autism respond to treatment.

Treatment is EXPENSIVE.......try to see if there are ways for insurance to cover it. Also, make sure you know where the IVIG is coming from. There is a big black market out there for this stuff because it is so expensive....make sure the product being used on your child can be traced straight to the manufacturer. Good luck.

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04/05/07 09:16 AM
Re: IVIG--any thoughts?

Definitely worth a read:



Intraveneous immunoglobulin (IVIG): this type of treatment has been used to treat children with autism. Open-label trials of both low-dose and high-dose IVIG have shown that most but not all autistic children respond favorably to this treatment. My collaborators and I recently found that the high-dose IVIG was better than the low-dose IVIG (J. Bradstreet, V. Singh and J. El-Dahr, paper presented at the International Symposium on Autism, Netherlands, December 28-30, 1999). Clinically, children so treated have shown improvements in language, communication, social interaction and attention span. In a double-blind study, (V. Singh, 1997; unpublished data) the IVIG treatment was found to decrease brain autoantibody titers in five patients (they were positive pre-therapy but became virtually negative post-therapy) who also showed clinical improvement of autistic characteristics. In spite of the success of IVIG, this treatment is not for everyone. Before this treatment is administered, a proper immune evaluation is highly recommended to assess the nature of the immune problem.

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