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07/22/07 03:24 PM
autism - intro

hi my name is annmaire i have two children with autism one is age 5 and the other is 3

could some one tell me how to get my son to wear clothes please

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10/04/07 04:04 PM
Re: autism - intro

Have you tried making it a game? "Put your left hand in, put your right hand in, pull it over your head and shake it all about..." That sort of thing. Making it fun may help. Best regards,


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10/19/07 03:54 PM
Re: autism - intro

I guess it sounds more to me like you want your child to KEEP his clothes on. Not just get dressed. Am I right?

Well, in that case it sounds like your child may have some sensory issues. One of my children also has them. He also runs around in his undies. But there are a few things I can do to help him make his clothes more comfortable.

Look at the texture and fabric of clothes. Some fabrics are just too painful to wear. Other fabrics can just be too loud, yes loud, to your child on the spectrum. Imagine if you could hear your clothes rustling every time you moved around or brushed against something. Cut the tags out. My son hates them and it irritates his skin. Also distracting to be scratched on the back of the neck all day.

Anyway, find out what may be bothering him and try to make him more comfortable. Look into sensory issues. If your son has trouble with fabric... he may also have trouble with food textures

Good luck to you!

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