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09/29/08 02:14 PM
Preschooler behavior

I have a student who has an immediate reaction of a verbal "no" (sometimes a screamed "no") when given a directive. 9/10 times she follows through with the directive within 2 minutes if the "no" is ignored. We believe that the "no" is not attention based as she does not say it repeatedly or look for a reaction, nor does she start with a more attention-seeking behavior to get the attention. It is not escaping the task because she follows through about 90% of the time without an additional prompt. We are glad that she is completing the task, but would like to reduce the immediate "no" reaction so that she is more appropriate when we have her in an inclusive setting. Currently, we densely reinforce when she completes the task without the immediate "no". Is there anything else that we can do to eliminate the automatic "no" without extinguishing "no" altogether? I would rather not do a DRL to eliminate the "no" if possible. Thanks!!

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10/20/08 10:46 PM
Re: Preschooler behavior

what type of directives is she given? ex. "Jane, go to the door." or something more transitional, "Jane it's time for lunch". If it's transitional, I would recommend just letting her know that the current task is finished so that she knows to move on to the next part of her schedule for example. "Jane, _____ is finished." This may alleviate her interpretation of being directed to do something because your just cueing her to the next part of her day.

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