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08/04/09 05:03 PM
It's like limbo and ground hog day 24/7

We have our daughter and grandson living with us now for almost 17 yrs. He is a severe autisitc, non-verbal, has rage issues, leaky gut, etc. The list goes on. We have spent these years studying, reading, researching, testing, calling, writing, talking to experts from Australia, England, Ireland, Canada, and all over the U.S. The school system has refused to take him for years so we have home schooled him (the school finally admitted we have done more for him than they could). We are now at a point where sleep deprivation and age (for us), and his destruction of the house(broken windows, walls broken, kitchen cabinets and faucets broken, etc.)have us virtuale prisoners. We can no longer take him anywhere because of his melt-downs in the stores and in public (if he doesn't get his way he begins screaming, shreiking, hits customers, has smashed out the windshield on one car,etc.). Every day is just like the day before.

He is on the Rimland protocol and multiple vitamins and minerals and alternative products. None of the "standard" drugs have worked and a couple have been a near disaster. So now we wonder what happens next. What happens when one of us is too ill, old, weak to help the others. In Virginia there are no places for him to go under $250,000 a year and even that is not what we want for him. Anyone else in this jar???

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