07/17/06 06:03 PM

My husband and I think that he has Hyperlexia. Are there any adults out there with it?

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08/09/08 10:27 PM
Re: hyperlexia

My son is 13. He was diagnosed hyperlexic when he was 3 1/2. He is doing great and hopefully this continues. He has been in different therapies. He has friends, finished Taekwondo with his black belt, won friendliest and most popular last year, river-rafts down the Kern on 4 sized rapids, spends the night with friends, goes to school dances, went to sixth grade camp with his peers, is interested in sports and loves guitar hero and rock band. I still worry and when things crop up we sit down and discuss them. He knows he has hyperlexia and wishes it would disappear, but also knows a few of the guys in his social group have austim, so at least he's not the only one.

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