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12/28/05 06:58 AM
Hyperlexia and autism

Hyperlexia has many characteristics similar to autism and some consider it to be an autism spectrum disorder.

Discuss and post your thoughts, experiences and comments about hyperlexia.

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04/10/07 04:15 PM
Re: Hyperlexia and autism

When my daughter was first diagnosed, she was identified with a language disorder and sensory processing disorder. Six months later she was id'd with HFA. After 3 years of biomedical interventions, she is looking to mainstream into kindergarten. Her major areas of concern are sensory and language processing. How can you tell the difference between hyperlexia and HFA? Who should be able to spot the difference? dev. ped. or other specialist?

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04/24/07 10:39 AM
Re: Hyperlexia and autism

My twins have hyperlexia. They are doing great with the GFCF diet see.

I'm sorry, what is HFA?

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10/23/08 02:52 PM
Re: Hyperlexia and autism

What kind of symptoms did your children show with Hyperlexia? I am new here and just looking for some answers.

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05/13/11 02:39 AM
Re: Hyperlexia and autism

Studies from various countries are indicating that autism rates among children might be greater than current estimates. A study from South Korea is being released which contends that it is more common than most think. The study found that more children really had autism than were diagnosed with autism among the general population. The study implies that several children are not diagnosed, though they have an autism disorder. I found this here:Autism rates could be higher than previously thought

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