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06/18/06 09:28 PM
Hello from a NJ resident

Hello everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself and my daughter. My name is Karmen and I have a 4 yr. old daughter, Peri who is dx'd with moderate PDD-NOS and receptive/expressive speech delay. I work full time and she attends a handicapped preschool program.

Since her dx. we have met many wonderful people, and I am hoping to continue to do so through this website.

We live in I'm in Burlington County. Anyone else from the Garden State?


(New Member)
06/19/06 01:15 PM
Re: Hello from a NJ resident

Welcome to the Boards, Karmen.

Its very nice to meet you. Connor and I are out in California.

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08/13/06 10:59 AM
Re: Hello from a NJ resident

Hello, I am new to the board and I am from NJ also. I live in Gloucester county and occasionally attend aspen meetings. It is hard to fit it in sometimes. My son is 9 with Asperger Syndrome. He has few friends but seems okay in spite of this. He has a few that put up with him and to some extent play well together, but no one that is a really good long-term friend.

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