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07/20/07 10:43 PM

Hello everyone. I am new to this board. My daughter is high functioning autistic but don't let the words "high-functioning" trick you. Everyday is a struggle. Just wanted to say hi. Its unfortunate we have to join this type of board but I am glad one is here!!

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07/24/07 08:05 PM
Re: New

Howdy doody.

I'm Melissa and I just joined the board. There isn't much high functioning about my son either. My doc tends to use the term high functioning and AS interchangably. I don't think he's made up his mind yet. Welcome.


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09/28/07 12:10 PM
Re: New

Do the doctors ever??? unless they live with it, i don't think they ever will get it completely.Having a child with autism, is one of those, personal experience things. I have finally come to accept it, that no one will get it, nor will i kick scream, beg or plead for them to,I'll let my chidlren do it for me,lol
High functioning is a term, that baffles me, there are still struggles on day to day basis, that can leave you just as tiered and dis made. So honestly,the term shouldn't exist. A struggle is a struggle, no matter what level it's on.Just my personal opinion.

Welcome guys...

Anna Marie

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