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04/07/11 03:22 PM
Are Autistic People Allowed on this Forum?

I made a post earlier today giving some information about myself and asking to be directed to an autism forum for autistic people other than Wrong Planet. I'm having great difficulty finding a forum for autistic adults to use. Almost all of the forums I have found are for parents and caregivers of autistic people.

I'm not sure why my post was deleted. I am quite upset over it. I just explained how most forums about autism don't want autistic people on them (as if they have something against autistic people, that's ironic isn't it?)so I need help finding an autism forum (other than Wrong Planet) for autistic people to use.

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04/08/11 10:22 AM
Re: Are Autistic People Allowed on this Forum?

Hi K. Our apologies if a previous post of yours was deleted as we welcome everyone to this site, including those with autism.

Our boards have been relentlessly spammed in recent months and all posts are held for approval. Your original post may have been inadvertently discarded along with the spam and if that was the case, please accept our apologies.

As a result of your message, we have created a specific forum just for autistics to come and exchange messages.

Please help us spread the word. Thank you.

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