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09/11/08 12:48 PM
Help! Mother of recently diagnosed 2 year old.

My daughter was recently diagnosed with Austism. I am clueless as to the services avaliable in my state and I could use any advice. She is receiving therapy six times a week and that's about it. She has been getting therapy for almost a year. It has been one thing after another. She was born at 27 weeks and it's been a rough road so far.

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10/20/08 10:03 PM
Re: Help! Mother of recently diagnosed 2 year old.

Hi Jaimee123.

I know that it may seem like your world is chaotic at this point, but trust me when I say that having a child with autism is by no means as scary as you may imagine it. You will come too see what I mean as your child develops and grows into a productive, contributing member of society.

First off, what state are you in and what type of therapy is your daughter receiving, what level of functionality has she been diagnosed, is Applied Behavior Analysis/Beh. Modification at the forefront of her educational program etc.. Your local school district should have a Child Find program set up for early educational intervention that is capable of assisting you ASAP. Also, you may want to contact your state dept. of family services for some direction as far as ssi is concerned. They may also offer a respite program geared towards offering assistance with giving you a break/a sitter.

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03/28/09 11:09 AM
Re: Help! Mother of recently diagnosed 2 year old.

Hi Jaimee123,
First of all...(((HUGS))). Initially, it seems very scary and overwhelming, but as conk said above, it does become more managable as you see her develop. The state you live in is key and if you have been getting services already (early intervention?) definitely ask them questions and use them for support. If you feel that she should be getting something else let them know. Good luck and if you need anything, PM me!

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06/11/09 07:29 AM
Re: Help! Mother of recently diagnosed 2 year old.

My two year old was also diagnosed. I am a bit frantic myslef. We are only getting special instruction 2 times a week and ot one time a week. I can't seem to find help anywhere. I posted a call for help on this website long ago and got no response at all. I feel so helpless.

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