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05/28/09 09:36 PM
I am not getting support from my family

I have my 9 year old grandson that lives with me. He was recently diagonosed with mild autism spectrum Which means they have not pinpointed it yet. Anyway I have 3 sisters a mother and a brother and they are totally unsupportive. I was blown away by the remarks they said. I want to be part of a forum,such as this, to talk with people who are experiencing the same things I am. Thanks for listening.

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07/23/09 03:24 AM
Re: I am not getting support from my family

If your still around ? Pickles you gonna find and that lots of Family members or all of them... People in general don't give a hoot but are always glad to share there remarks,, comments suggest all kinds of stuff to try... I'm not bitter towards my family or people in general. Just no one can give a hand I think this is why people get on these message boards or chat rooms. You sometimes get more support from people with the same issues that no family member can understand. So don't feel bad for being on a message board. Thank you for listening ... Mona The Tired...

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