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10/03/06 10:18 PM
Social Skills for 8 year old PDD son

Hello. New to this board. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for amazing social skills books? Our son is in a 3rd Grade inclusion class. He is PDD and is having a tough time learning when not to crowd or obsess over a new friend. We are so proud that he is branching out and wanting to interact. However, teaching social cues is getting tougher. We're working with the team at school (wonderful) but are always looking for outside assistance as a reinforcer!


12/11/06 11:25 AM
Re: Social Skills for 8 year old PDD son

Cluebreakers at Melmed Center
Dr. Sallie Loderquest has a social skills class.

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03/02/07 02:23 PM
Re: Social Skills for 8 year old PDD son

There's a great book called "My Social Stories" by Carol Grey and Abbey Leigh White. It discusses things like how to chew gum, how to help others, how to give a hug, and many other situations. It has been a great help for my son, he's ten years old and was diagnosed with PDD-NOS this past July.

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11/03/07 06:36 PM
Re: Social Skills for 8 year old PDD son

Hi I like the social stories by Carol Grey but what I have found that works the best is to write the story yourself and have him draw the pictures. This helped so much when we knew my daughter was going for surgery and we wrote a social story and she drew the pictures they relate better when they can own it.

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03/01/08 05:00 PM
Re: Social Skills for 8 year old PDD son

If you go to amazon.com and type in social skills autism, several good books come up. I only have one of them but I thought it was fairly helpful:
The Social Skills Picture Book Teaching play, emotion, and communication to children with autism

It uses pictures and 'thought balloons' to show people's reactions to the 'right' way and 'wrong' way of interacting with people.


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