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10/11/06 12:50 AM

Daniel is 13 diagnosed as PDD.Nos, and it suits him, so does Semantic pragmatic Disorder. He drives us barmy with his repetition and fixations.We have some strategies to deal with this as does his special school, but we would love to share our experiences with anyone in a similar position and indeed children diagnosed with this condition,



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01/22/11 10:26 AM
Re: PDD Nos

My son Ethan (age 13) sounds just like Daniel. My son's greatest fixation is with Hot Wheels cars---he must have thousands of them by now! It's tough for kids with PDD-NOS because, from the outside, they appear "normal", yet their disabilites are no less than any other child with a handicap.

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10/03/11 07:15 AM
Re: PDD Nos

My son is 16 and he collects lego men. His latest thing is his IPAD. He goes to a special school and his stims and overstimulation from his sensory processing disorder is bad lately. He is in the 9th grade reading at a 2nd grade level.

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