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06/09/06 10:57 PM

Hi my name is Joe and my son Ryan has PDD-NOS Autism. He is 19 years old and he was diagonosed when he was three. He is currently in a College program for Independant living Skills, but still faces a lot of social issues and making friends, so i just signed him up for the Friend finder on this website. I am always trying to find a social group for him to attend. Joe

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06/11/06 09:37 PM

Hi, what is a college program for independent living skills. My daughter is PDD NOS and is age almsot 17.

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08/14/06 07:52 AM

Hi! I also live on Long Island (Western Suffolk) and my daughter is 17 (will be 18 in November)and PDD/NOS. She is still in high school.

What college is your son going to? I'm very interested in that program.

There is a great support group held once a month in Bethpage through the Aspergers Foundation International, run by Michael John Carley (he has Asperger's), in conjunction with AHA/AS/PDD (www.aha-as-pdd). The meeting times and dates are listed on the sites. The adult group meets on Saturdays once a month in the afternoon. Michael John Carley is great.

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11/13/08 10:49 AM

I have an adult son with PDD-NOS and Aspergers. I would like to connect with other parents dealing with this.

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