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02/09/09 01:15 PM

I'm new to this forum, so hello everyone. I was actually diagnosed with PDD-NOS 2 months ago, and I'm 33. I have 10 kids and a beautiful wife. 4 of my children are High Functioning Autistic. And I work as an accountant. It was kind of a strange way that I was diagnosed. We had a therepist at the house for my daughter, and they noticed that I would line everything up and I made no eye contact at all. So they asked if I've ever been diagnosed. After months of denial I decided to go and get evaluated to just sort of prove them wrong, and what do you know they diagnosed me. Its been sort of a struggle for me to accept this, but it explains alot of things for me. It helps me understand why I do the things I do. But anyways, its nice to have a place where I can meet other parents with children with forms of autism or being autistic themselves.



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04/16/09 04:36 PM

That's funny that you mentioned you line things up. I have a son that was diagnosed as PDD-NOS at age 4 and I never even thought about my husband having it as well, though now I think he does. He also lines things up, and has a very hard time doing more than 1 thing at a time. I always thought he was more interested in his tv program than me, but maybe he really doesn't hear me talking to him. I just never even considered the possibility. Thanks for sharing.

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