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06/26/07 11:24 AM

As someone from Missouri which made the top five listing of Best States for Autism, let me just say that you can't believe everything you read. Missouri is NOT a good state for services for autism. I live in the No. 2 rated district in the state - Lee's Summit, just south of Kansas City. Lee's Summit is a great district for typical children but the autism population, specifically, is treated like an ugly stepchild. There are several due process hearings against Lee's Summit currently that revolve around children with autism.

The other services listed for Missouri was the Thompson Center at MU and the Judevine Consultation Center. Both of these centers are top knotch but Judevine is not state-wide. It is located in St. Louis and is only available in the middle and right side of the state. The Thompson Center only offers diagnostics and assessments. It is trying to open a school for children with autism but it is not open at present.

Joyce Lindsey

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07/30/07 11:25 AM
Re: Missouri

I am also in Lee's Summit. I co-founded the Lee's Summit Autism Support Group because Lee's Summit is doing such a lousy job.

I have met with the superintendent, the school board, legislators, and the department of education about our issues. One and a half years later, nothing has changed.

Another issue is diagnosis. If you suspect that your child has autism, it takes up to a year to get into a qualified hospital to get a diagnosis. We know how precious that lost year can be.

Sherri Tucker

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