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Reged: 01/29/07
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Question regarding Aspergers, please help!
      #348 - 01/29/07 12:03 PM

I have a son who is 6 years old and in the 1st grade. He is the youngest person in his class because he only turned 6 when the school year started. Anyway, he has already been diagnosed with ADHD and is on Aderall and Stratera. I have never thought him to be autistic because I ahd always assumed it had a lot to do with being non-verbal and such. He is completely verbal and is on the A/B honor roll. What concerns me is that he is experienceing some behavior changes. He has a notebook that he is constantly drawing in but it is all just seemingly scribbles and chaotic. He is always cutting pieces of paper and I find these everywhere, even in his desk at school. I have found that he cuts up his clothes as well but with no real explanation. Even as a baby, he has always been able to play on his own for hours. Most of the time, he stays to himself in his room. He has always been very afraid of loud noises and has said it hurts his ears (we had his hearing tested and found no problems). No matter how much trouble he gets in for misbehaving, he never seems sorry- has very flat affect in most emetions, does not like to hug anyone but his immediate family. Had problems ever looking anyone in the eyes- avoids eye contact most of the time. Cannot stay on task- so easily distracted- has a lot of obsessive thinking and does a lot of mumbling, talking to himself and repeats words a lot. It was not until his pediatrician thought she may like to get him tested did I ever think of autism but his therapist also mentioned it. At any rate, since I don't know much about autism, I figured he seems to function just fine but I did not know if there are many degrees of autism and is it ever diagnosed this late? I would appreciate any experience, strength and hope.

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Re: Question regarding Aspergers, please help! [Re: torrsmommy]
      #360 - 02/03/07 04:31 PM

It can be diagnosed that late. Some of the stuff that you are describing sounds like my son, and he saw a neurologist yesterday that confirmed what we already highly suspected; that he has an autistic spectrum disorder, likely Asperger's. Since your son had no huge issues and probably had good preacademic skills, that may be why it really only seemed to be more of an issue when he hit school age. I'm not an expert by any means, but I have been doing a lot of research since we started suspecting that this was what we were looking at. In addition, the nice doctor also said that you have what is called the autistic spectrum. There are different types of autism, with varying degrees of functionality. Your son sounds very high level to me. Your pediatrician may ask you to see a neurologist or a neuropsychologist. That's about as much as I know at this point (though I plan to get very homey with this process myself). Best of luck.

Mommy of Nicholas and Bethany

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Re: Question regarding Aspergers, please help! [Re: CrystalAnne]
      #362 - 02/07/07 04:19 PM

My son was diagnosed at five, having fought for two years to get his diagnosed, everyone though he was deaf as he did not seem to do as he was told. Although i know of people with Aspergers who were not diagnosed until 27 years old!

Everything that you describe of your son is typicaly indicative of Aspergers, they are usually very,fluent in language.Not really knowing what it means.Aspergers does not affect intelligence,and these children tend to be very bright and functional.They do talk inseccesantly,and loud noises ,esp ones are suprising frighten them and hurt them.Alarms, school bells, fire alarms etc...
They repeat words or phrases over and over and have obsessions.The seem distant to the feeling of family or other peers and love being in thier own little world.This is because their brain has not developed to read facial expressions like you or i would,they cant tell when someone is angry or happy or sad.They cant hear intonation of voice either,so they tend to appear 'unemotional'.They can also be violent or aggressive.

Aspergers is 'High Functioning Autism'.And one of the ''Autistic Spectrum Disorders''.Although there are many types of autism. Not being sorry for his behaviour is also typical because is is not behaving badly,he is behaving as a child with Aspergers does. They also can not see other people perspective or point of view.Many children with ASD's get labelled 'bad' or 'disturbed children' when they are not.

All i can say that you can make sure that he gets all the support in school that he needs,it is hard being a parent with a child with and ASD, it is very hard!
But there is support out there.If you know where to find it.

No one knows when it develops, but children are thought to have been born with it,it is NOT YOUR fault, as i thought my sons ASD was mine!It is incurable, but can be managed with therapies. If your son has problems sleeping like mine he takes Melatonin a natural hormone which children with ASD make very little of, so that really helps!He also wets the bed often, so he takes Desmopressan for that too.I also find that Omega3's and mixed Vitamins really help with his Hyperactivity.

As i said makes sure that you all get the help that you are enititled too and if you need support and info you can PM me too.

Fiona x

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Re: Question regarding Aspergers, please help! [Re: mumtodavid]
      #819 - 10/08/08 10:09 AM

This past year we have been told that my son has Asperger's as well. He too is six. After a year of struggles, he still seems to have up and down days in school. My son now has a TSS worker full time, and a BHS (be3havioral specialist). As someone stated above, My son too is very intelligent in some areas, but lacks in others.

The past two years, my son loved to tantrum at home. His yells and screams were so bad, one neighbor threatened to call CYS. For a simple time out.

This is all new to me as well. There is a lot of support and help around, as I am beginning to learn.

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