Update on Child with Autism Removed From Home

Derek Hoare

Courtesy: John Van Putten

An Autism Key reader named Laurie wrote in to update us on a heartbreaking
involving Ayn Van Dyk, a nine-year-old Canadian girl seized by authorities after being safely recovered from an autism wandering

Derek Hoare, Ayn’s father, briefly lost sight of her while she was playing in their backyard, which is surrounded by a six-foot fence. He immediately called police and a frantic search found her safe
over at the neighbor’s pool. Four days after the incident, Hoare’s daughter was removed from
her home by authorities, who maintained they were lightening the load of the single father of three.
Ayn has been held in a psychiatric facility and Derek’s nightmare has lasted
nearly two months.

Laurie’s note stated the following:

"Derek is cautiously optimistic that she will be coming home. He has been asked to give details of his support team
and plan that will be in place if/when she is returned to him. The autism specialist also recommended that she not be given the 6 week
psychiatric assessment that was mentioned [in your article]. This is good news. You may also follow on Twitter @AynComeHome or @Justice4Ayn. I am not
family — I am a volunteer trying to help raise awareness about the situation."

It seems that pressure upon the authorities by the autism community and other concerned parties may be forcing a resolution that restores this little girl to her father and brothers. May it be so.

The video below gives an overview of this story. Some adult language is included, so viewer discretion is advised.