YouTube User Demonstrates What it Feels Like to Have Autism

Many parents of children with autism often wonder what their child is thinking and feeling and frequently pose the question, "I wonder what’s going on inside of that head?" 

Well, thanks to a YouTube user that goes by the handle of WeirdGirlCyndi, viewers have been given the opportunity to briefly glance inside the mind of someone with autism.

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is an often-debilitating condition that commonly exists in those with autism, although it’s not considered a core characteristic. Individuals with SPDs process the
world in a much different way than neurotypicals, often causing "sensory overload."
Because of these issues, many of those with autism (especially non-verbals) act out as a result of this overwhelming stimuli.

Some of the milder symptoms of sensory disorders include covering one’s eyes when exposed
to normal lighting or covering one’s ears despite the absence of loud sounds. 

Late psychologist and occupational therapist Dr. A. Jean Ayres compared SPD to a neurological "traffic jam" that prevents certain parts of the brain from properly processing information from the outside world.

WeirdGirlCyndi does a great job in detailing these challenges and in her video description,
writes the following:

"I am an autistic adult who is sick of so-called “experts” trying to explain what they think an autistic person is going through. They think they can “fix” autistic children by forcing them to act normal. Watch this video and see how normal you think ANYBODY can act when they’re going through what I simulate for you all."

Those with autism can experience sensory processing disorder in varying degrees and the video below is
a fascinating look at the challenges some with autism endure on a daily basis, unbeknownst to those around them.

Be sure that your speakers are at a reasonable volume level before viewing the video (not too
high). After viewing it, you’ll know why: