James Durbin Eliminated in American Idol Shocker

James Durbin

In yet another shocking American Idol elimination episode, James Durbin was prematurely voted off tonight, despite being one of the most consistent performers of the season. This is the second time this year that voting results have produced outrage from Idol fans. A few weeks ago, Pia Toscano, another strong contestant and frontrunner, was also eliminated in surprising fashion.

Twitter and Facebook are abuzz with cries of injustice. However, Durbin’s early exit may be a blessing in disguise and history proves that he is in good company. 

Chris Daughtry, a fellow Idol rocker, also placed 4th in American Idol’s Season 5 installment. Daughtry later went on to have an amazing career (which continues to this day) and is currently the third most successful American Idol contestant in terms of record sales, trailing only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

James will have no problem landing a record deal and we look forward to seeing him live in concert.

Congratulations, James. You did the special needs community proud.

15 Responses to James Durbin Eliminated in American Idol Shocker

  1. Susan says:

    This is the problem when you leave these things “up to America”. The best invariably get eliminated. But as you say, the also rans eclipse the winners. Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson are two other shining examples.

  2. Moi says:

    Where was the autism community? I have seen SO few blog posts (save yours) about James over the last three months. It makes me angry, he has been in the bottom more than once.

    Every autistic person, every parent and family member should have been voting for him every week. It’s all a popularity contest, we all know this, and the fact that he was even THERE should have rallied the troops.

  3. Moi says:

    p.s. I don’t know that Chris is the third most successful….although I think he is incredible (he is also my son’s 2nd favorite, now that there is James!) I would say that third goes to Jennifer Hudson. An Oscar counts for something!

  4. Bill Orlikow says:

    Idol has a history of losing top talent, while people not much better than lounge singers remain because they’re “popular”. Witness Jim Durbin gone,
    while Mcreery and Alaina will probably also be voted off.
    This outrage and others will continue, with a show controlled by the votes of teenage girls.
    The only consolation and redeeming feature of Idol is its ability to provide exposure and door-opening opportunities in the music industry to the multi talented runners up, who should have more successful careers than some of the “popular” winners.
    Perhaps Idol should restrict its voting
    to adult people with discerning taste.
    And if anything comes of the alleged AT&T foul up, the voting should be redone. Likely Jim Durbin will remain,as he most certainly should have.

  5. T graham says:

    James is the American idol no matter the vote keep it going love what you do

  6. Invisible2000 says:

    Unfortunately Americans choose this program because they may want more than just a singer who only provides entertainment to an artist that gives them passion, it is obvious that the label that manages the contract with the winner of American Idol singer prefers a more manageable trade and an artist, as we have seen in previous years where a monster beats Kriss Adam Lambert boy and made ​​his first album and tour 100% successful.

    Now with this American Idol in its tenth season and after the departure of Casey, Jacob and James did not know if people fully trust the new Idol really is an idol, the guys who are Scotty, Lauren and Haley really are wonderful and their voices are beautiful each in his own style, but Casey, Jacob and James are artists who most likely reach the stratosphere because that is what they deserve.

    Unfortunately American Idol is just looking for someone who sells popular album, they do not look for any monster for which the results are so far are: Scotty, Lauren and Haley docile guys that are sure to do what the label wants to them.

    Jacob and James were my favorite! I trust God to get to their artistic careers in a brilliant way. God bless you always!

  7. pam says:

    I wanna say I was shocked when James went home It should have been Haley she has been in the bottom like 4 times I hate the way she growls in her singing and I hope she doesn’t win . I really like Lauren and my son likes Scotty we will be cheering and voting for the two because I think they have what it takes

  8. america says:

    con gran tristeza desde un pueblito de venezuela leo q ha sido eliminado un joven bendecido por Dios con tan bella voz y sensibilidad, además de superar tan terrible enfermedad. orare para que no sea “contaminado” por los cazadores de fortuna a costa de su don. no se que paso con nuestros votos!!! Adelante JAMES DURBIN.

  9. kena nelson says:

    James Durbin needs to be signed to a record deal! Do not let move on without a deal! Scotty and lauren deserves one to! Haley has a wonderful voice but she keeps an attitude al the time on stage when judges is trying to help her!

  10. Debi says:

    I was just sick over James Durbin’s elimination. I have had a soft spot in my heart for him since his audition. I will be buying his CD when released. Scotty & Haley should have gone before him.

  11. Teresa Sander says:

    I am still emotional and bothered at James early departure.It was very upsetting for me as a mother of a son with Aspergers who is one year older than James to see his sadness. I remember watching my son as he followed his dream and played football in high school with such pride. It was hard for him at times but was doing what he loved. My son and I were so excited when we seen James story when he first auditioned on Idol. Then we followed every week and really started to realize how good he was.We voted for him every week.He was never in the bottom three so we were certain he would make it into the top three. We were shocked when he was voted off. I felt great pride for James . He seems like a great guy that loves his family and his following his dream. Dont stop believing James.

  12. CHRISTINE says:

    I posted this article on James Durbins FB MY FB ELLENS PAGE OPRAHS page
    and TMZ have also sent to people I don’t know thru Durbins Fb page.. Please get this circulated not really sure what I am doing but trying my best to get the word out there..

    Thank you

  13. David Sonne says:

    When you give five million teeny-boppers the ability to place eleven votes each…what do think happens. They vote for the cute kid that’s seventeen and sings only to them each week. The judges don’t judge, they are merely critics and they get blown away just like a lot of us do when unexpected things like this happen. Just look at their faces! James will do great because he is a sincere and polite individual that truly cares about others. This is however, the last season I will watch this show. The auditions are interesting but the show itself has become unreasonable.

  14. teri says:

    We Fans knows that everything that is said here in theses articls are true. When the arrangement of the second singing order was changed the numbers did not change. The reason Nigel did not talk about this was because HE knows AI screwed up and he did not want to get involved. The votes were misdirected, that is all, that is all that needs to be said.
    Fox, you REALLY need to fix this, oh and they are blocking anyone that speaks out on this on the american idol page where i thought that was what it was for, but, apparantly not. People are getting deleted off of that site quicker than they can sign up just for speaking up on this issue, hmmm. makes one wonder if AI knows they messed up.

  15. Cheryl says:

    I am a woman who has Aspergers Syndrome, and watching James Durbin go out and perform so well was an inspiration to me. I voted for James and was really disapointed when James was voted off. When James sang Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow I was mesmorized. I have watched that video repeatedly. If James doesn’t get a record deal, the world loses out.

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