YouTube Video from Autism Father Going Viral

Courtesy: YouTube

Known for being fierce advocates, parents of children with autism have done an excellent job in recent years at tapping into social media
to make their voices heard. And as the prominence and influence of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube continue to grow, these sites have become a powerful tool for parents to advocate and be a voice for their children.

Case-in-point is a recently posted YouTube video from a father of a young girl with autism. Uploaded only a few weeks a ago, the video has
been heavily circulated and already amassed nearly 50,000 views in that short time.
It’s a simple, yet powerful presentation done to the backdrop of Coldplay’s "Fix You."

The video is particularly powerful due to its lack of spoken word and creative use of colors.

I first became aware of the video by someone who is not directly affected by autism, so it’s nice to see it reaching many others outside of the autism community. In his blog at
"Lou," the video’s creator, writes the following:

"I just wanted to take some time to thank everybody that has taken the time to watch and comment on my “Fixing” Autism video. I think I have shed as many tears reading the stories that are being shared as it sounds like viewers have shed while watching the video."

Take the time to watch the video below and good luck keeping a dry eye.